Patients come to us, because we provide concierge-level service and dental expertise. They go home proud to show off their beautiful new smiles. Dr. Blasco has been called an artist in dentistry, so come view the smile gallery.


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Full Mouth Restoration

This lovely smile was completed with porcelain laminate veneers. Gingivectomy completed on maxillary arch to make the patients smile more aesthetically pleasing. This full mouth restoration was completed from start to finish within 60 days!


Full Mouth Restoration

Patient presents for Full Mouth Restoration and desires a dazzling smile! This patient has had numerous crowns done over the years and is unhappy with the differing shades among the crowns. In addition, patient has extreme wear. Emax HT, shade 0M3 used and a night guard was created to alleviate patients nighttime clenching.


Smile Transformation

This patient completed his smile transformation while pursuing his juris doctor from Boyd School of Law at UNLV. His 3-phase transformation stretched over 3 years! Upper arch, teeth #4-13 were completed in 2014. Lower arch, teeth #20-29 were completed in 2016. Final restoration phase completed on all back molars in 2017. It is our practice philosophy to achieve our patients’ dental goals not on our timeline, but on theirs!


Maxillary Restorations

Patient presents for maxillary restorations # 3 – 14. Maxillary arch UL and UR gingivectomy completed to enhance the look of her teeth in her smile. She desired a smile like Julia Roberts, and we were happy to deliver!


Composite Veneers Fixed

Patient presented to establish care and get composite veneers fixed. From initial consult to final photos, we worked closely with this patient to ensure that the restorations completed on teeth #’s 4-13 were exactly as desired!


Veneers Replacement

Patient was originally interested in replacing some veneers that were 20 years old! Her husband came from a family of dentists and wanted to make sure his wife would be taken care of by only the best. The husband accompanied his wife to her second appointment and said Dr. Blasco was clearly a smile expert! This case was a full mouth restoration to rebuild her bite back into occlusion.


Porcelain Ceramic Crowns

As a public figure for many years in the City of Las Vegas, this patient has graced many a trial with her smile. Prior to serving as a Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge, this patient prosecuted thousands of cases, bringing many jury trials to verdict! This beautiful smile was completed from start to finish within 60 days using porcelain ceramic crowns.